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Below is a complete index of the total works available for viewing and purchase. Click on the respective portfolio to view the artworks with their details.  

Prices mentioned below each artwork within the portfolios indicate their original value. You are welcome to send us your offer price via the Purchase Form.

If you are interested in making an offer towards buying any artwork(s), click on the Purchase Form Button. The form will ask you to fill in the Artwork Number(s) and your Offer Price(s).

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Artwork Number

Original Price

Portfolios A to O

Portfolio A: Stand Alone Works
Portfolio B: Art & Attitudes
Portfolio C: Chakravyuh Series
Portfolio D: Erotic Drawings on Paper
Portfolio E: In on paper brush drawings
Portfolio F: Leaves from my Journal Series
Portfolio G: Objects of Wonder Series
Portfolio H: How do I show the ocean space you carried inside you?
Portfolio I: Drawings in response to quotes from 'Artistes Speak' diary
Portfolio J: Random Sketches
Portfolio K: Realm of the Elusive Series
Portfolio L: Rope Series
Portfolio M: Sparrow
Portfolio N: Staging the Sets series
Portfolio O: Of Currents & Confluences


Portfolio A.jpg
Portfolio O.jpg
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