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How can it sound in a book?

The magical cusp between

the setting lights of the auditorium and

the dawning lights of the stage—how

can it materialise on paper?


As the curtain slides open,

wafts of a new time 

begin to drift in ....

translated excerpt from the prologue by Bhadrakant Zaveri in the publication of his one act play Bichaara Jan no Vesh

The Third Bell is an epilogue to the artistic practice of BHARATI KAPADIA that brings together works produced over her oeuvre as a visual thinker. In theatre, the third bell is the final sermon for the unsettled audience to take their seats and alert themselves to the performance that is just about to begin. Similarly, these works lying within the recesses of Bharati's stage, now await the raising of the curtain to reach their audiences. In doing so, these artworks become independent from the creative ambit of its author and enter the world to live their own lives.


It's now time for The Third Bell. 

Best viewed on a larger screen.

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